St.Francis Church and Cloister

Sorrento  is a town which, in addition to the breathtaking panorama on the Gulf of Naples, and scenic beauty, is rich in churches, monuments and museums of historic-artistic interest.
A few steps from the  villa comunale  of Sorrento lies the complex of the  convent of San Francesco of Assisi church compound, monastery  and  cloister.
The Church, built in the 14th century, is made mainly in the Baroque style and is full of stucco: the white marble facade was built in 1926 and the portal dates back to the 16th century. It houses, besides various and interesting elements from pagan temples, two frescoes, emerged from the restoration in 1926 and a wooden statue of  St. Francesco  with the  crucified Christ , donated by the Vulcano  family in the 17th century. In front of  the wooden door of the 1500 in 1992 was placed a bronze statue of Saint Francis, created by the  skilled hands of the sculptor  Alfiero Nena.

The monastery dates back to the 8th century and is still today inhabited by Franciscan friars.
The  cloister of San Francesco, rectangular in shape, is a hybrid of styles, still visible are the 14th and 16th-century influences: present are infact crossed pumice  arches on two sides of the portico dating back to the 300 while on the remaining sides are arcs with octagonal pillars characteristic of the 16th century.
On the capitals of the pillars is the coat of arms of the  Sersale   family that financed the work. The refectory, inside the  Cloister, still keeps intact its 14th century structure.
The  Cloister  has  now been for a  few years the splendid location where the musical events of the summer take place and increasingly frequent marriages of foreigners who choose Sorrento to Crown their dream of love.