Capo di Sorrento

Old Roman Ruins and Queen Giovanna Baths

For a break from the tourist crowds and crowded beaches near the centro, head down Corso Italia (main road) to the Capo di Sorrento, a small protrusion of beach and cliff off the otherwise flat coast. Either walk 30min. up the paved Via Capo, passing mostly hotels and greenery, or take the EAVBUS A line. When you reach Calata di Punta del Capo 8 in that area you’ll find the Villa Igea Hotel and a gasoline station), head right down the steep cobblestone road which eventually becomes soil and winds to the coast.
Near the base, you’ll pass a small sign marking the Ruins of Villa di Pollio Felice. They truly are ruins—without the post, you would barely know they existed. Continue on past the few crumbling arches and make the steep descent to an aquamarine pool of water which will most likely be occupied by swimmers, though far fewer than fill Sorrento’s main beaches. A short walk further leads to flat rocks and more water, where a family-heavy crowd switches off between sunbathing and swimming.